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The Original Siglo: Cohiba Siglo I Cuban Cigar
The Original Siglo: Cohiba Siglo I Cuban Cigar

The Original Siglo: Cohiba Siglo I Cuban Cigar

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History of the Brand: Cohiba is one of the most prestigious and iconic cigar brands in the world, renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite flavor profiles. Established in 1966, Cohiba was originally created as a private brand exclusively for Fidel Castro and other high-ranking Cuban officials. It wasn’t until 1982 that the brand was released to the public, quickly gaining international acclaim. Cohiba cigars are made using only the finest Cuban tobacco leaves, hand-selected from the Vuelta Abajo region, known for producing some of the best tobacco in the world.

Vitola Specifications:

Name: Cohiba Siglo VI

Shape: Double Robusto Length: 5.9 inches (150 mm)

Ring Gauge: 52

Wrapper: Cuban

Filler: Cuban

Binder: Cuban

Strength: Medium to Full

First Third: The Cohiba Siglo VI opens with a burst of rich, earthy flavors intertwined with subtle notes of cedar and roasted coffee beans. The initial draw is smooth, with a perfect resistance, allowing the flavors to develop and coat the palate. The smoke is creamy and lingers on the tongue, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Second Third: As the cigar progresses into the second third, the flavors become more pronounced and complex. Spicy undertones emerge, complementing the existing earthiness. The cedar notes remain present, providing a woody sweetness that balances the overall profile. The smoke continues to be velvety and voluminous, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the experience.

Final Third: In the final third, the Cohiba Siglo VI showcases its full-bodied nature. The flavors intensify, delivering a delightful combination of black pepper, dark chocolate, and leather. The strength increases gradually, culminating in a bold, satisfying finish. The construction remains impeccable throughout the smoke, with an even burn and a solid ash that holds well.

Food and Drink Pairings: To enhance the experience of the Cohiba Siglo VI, consider pairing it with a rich, aged rum, such as Ron Zacapa 23 or a fine single malt Scotch whisky like Macallan 18. The sweetness and depth of these spirits complement the cigar’s robust flavors beautifully. Additionally, indulging in a dark chocolate dessert or a charcuterie board featuring cured meats and aged cheeses can further elevate the tasting experience.

Overall Score: 93/100 The Cohiba Siglo VI Cuban Cigar is an exceptional masterpiece that exemplifies the craftsmanship and tradition of the Cohiba brand. From its flawless construction to its complex flavor profile, this cigar offers a truly indulgent smoking experience. The harmonious blend of earthy, woody, and spicy notes, combined with its medium to full strength, creates a memorable journey for the aficionado. With its luxurious taste and impeccable execution, the Cohiba Siglo VI earns a well-deserved score of 95 out of 100. It is a cigar that should be savored on special occasions and treasured by connoisseurs.

Click here to check availability. Will ship Internationally or to the USA!

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